Copyright license agreement

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Prior to the peer-review, the author's copyright license agreement (new version 2020-03-22) is required. The agreement should preferably be signed by all authors (at least corresponding authors if inconvenient). Download address:

After scanning, please send it to the mailbox of this journal (must use the mailbox of the corresponding author). Note: if it is an excerpt from a dissertation, please ensure that the full text of the dissertation cannot be accessed online first (you can apply to the university for a dissertation and delay accessing the Internet for half a year to one year).

1. The author of the paper guarantees that the paper is an original work and does not involve confidentiality and multiple submissions. In case of infringement or disclosure, all responsibilities shall be borne by the author of the paper.

2. All authors agree that once the above-mentioned papers submitted for publication in journals are hired, the author will have the right to copy and disseminate the whole paper and the drawings, tables, abstracts or other parts that can be extracted from the paper - including but not limited to the right of reproduction, distribution, information network communication, performance, translation, compilation The right of adaptation and other rights are exclusively licensed to the editorial department all over the world. The editorial department has the right to use it in the following ways, including but not limited to:

(1) Copy, distribute and disseminate the work in various known or possible forms, formats and media in the future (including but not limited to paper, optical disc, disk, network and other forms);

(2) Translate, adapt and compile the work, and derive other works from the charts, abstracts or any part of the work.

(3) Perform and disseminate the work in various forms of expression (including but not limited to oral and written).

(4) License all or part of the above rights to a third party.

3. The author of the paper guarantees that the abstracts of the paper will not appear in the conference paper abstracts collected by CNKI, Wanfang and other database providers before the official publication of the journal; If the thesis is an excerpt of a dissertation, the full text of the dissertation will not be online before it is officially published, otherwise it will be withdrawn immediately.

4. The author of the paper guarantees that there is no dispute over the signature of the paper, there is no dispute between the author and the unit, and there are no matters that need to be coordinated. If there is a signature dispute, the responsibility shall be borne by the author of the paper.

5. The author of the paper shall not use the rights permitted in Article 2 of this agreement in any form by himself or by others, including not translating the full text and publishing it in other journals, but the author of the paper may quote or translate part of the content of the paper in his subsequent works, or compile it in his non periodical collection.

6. The rights under this Agreement are transferred free of charge.

7. This Agreement shall come into force from the date of signature. The term of authorization is the same as the term of copyright protection. If the author submits a copy / scan of the agreement, it shall be deemed that the copy / scan has the same legal effect as the original.

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