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Study on relationship between Thunnus albacares catches and climatic factors based on CNN-BiLSTM model
Association analysis of SNPs polymorphisms in mstn gene of Paralichthys olivaceus with growth traits
A morphological study on ten parrotfish species from Xisha Islands, China
Preparation of anti-largemouth bass ranavirus egg yolk antibody and establishment of indirect ELISA method
Development of embryo and observation of morphological development of larval, juvenile and young speckled snowmark clownfish (Amphiprion sp.)
Seawater quality assessment method based on improved grey relational degree clustering: a case study of Daya Bay
Variation and accumulation characteristics of diazepam in simulated culture environment
Effects of marine environment on fecundity characteristics of female argentine shortfin squid
Preliminary investigating on fish diversity in middle and lower reaches of Pearl River based on environmental DNA technology
Multi-group convolutional neural network for gender recognition of Portunus tritubereulatus
Characteristics of phytoplankton community and environmental factors in aquaculture crab pond using morphological and metagenomics methods