A review of recent developments in South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute
Design of automatic control system with remote pneumatic conveying feeding system based on PLC
Estimation of safe consuming amount of oyster based on the risk assessing theory of trace metal and organic contaminants on human health
Spectrophotometric determination of formaldehyde in aquatic products
Study on species diversity of macrobenthos in Daya Bay, South China Sea
Analysis on genetic diversity of six cultured stocks of Litopenaeus vannamei
Genetic diversity and specific AFLP bands in three cultured tilapia strains
Optimization of seasoned dried ,Pinctada fucata meat by hurdle technology
Preliminary evaluation on fish-aggregating effects of artificial reefs in Chenghai coast, Guangdong, China
Analysis of the catch composition of small shrimp-beam-trawl net in shallow waters of Pearl River Estuary, China
Accumulation and elimination of mixed heavy metals in green mussle Mytilus edulis
Analysis and assessment of the content of four heavy metals in shellfish along Guangdong coastal waters
Morphological and histological observations of digestive system of cobia Rachycentron canadum
Effects of dietary probiotics on growth and biochemical composition of whole body of juvenile shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei
Analysis on the catch composition of Nemipterus virgatus gillnet in the northern South China Sea
Changes of the major technical parameters of stow nets in the coast of northern South China Sea
World production and trade characteristics of shrimp